Copic Drawing Pens

The Copic Drawing Pen is a disposable fountain pen with a stainless steel tip. It has the feel and varying line width of a traditional fountain pen with out the messy need to refill.

  • Fountain-style Pen
  • Stainless Steel tip
  • Pigment Based Inking Pens
  • Disposeable
  • Black in 0.1mm & 0.2mm
  • Sepia in 0.1mm
  • Variable line width
  • Bleedproof with Copic

Copic Gasen Fude Brush Pen

  • Model #: CMCP-GH
  • Copic Gasen Fude pen has a fine synthetic brush nib (or "fude") which is able to create expressive line variations for lettering or sketching.
  • Water based pigment ink will not bleed with Copic markers.
  • Rich and solid black ink provides amazing shading effect in your sketches, mangas and caricatures.

Copic Marker Drawing Pen P Series CMP01BK, Black

  • Classic, stainless steel fountain pen tip
  • Bleed proof with copic markers
  • Available in 0.1 mm & 0.2 mm in black and 0.1 mm
  • The Drawing Pens are ideal for sketch drawing, manga, as well as using for general writing.
  • Refillable with ink cartridges, and with separate replaceable nibs.
  • Pigment-based ink is water resistant when it dries. Available in Black.
  • Writing distances : CMP01BK: approx. 700m

-The Drawing Pen can be used approx. two minutes after the insertion of ink cartridge.
- The waterproofness of ink will be provided approx.15 minutes after using (the time vary widely with fluctuations in air moisture).

Manufacturer: Copic