Copic Accessories

Copic has a wide range of accessories from storing your marker collection to refilling ink and replacing nibs.


Opaque White

Perfect for finishing highlights and effects. It won't bleed into your base color and allows for sharp line definition. Opaque White works great on permanent inks as well as water color. Apply Opaque white with a brush. Easily thins with water for added effects.

Nib Tweezer

  • Quick, easy nib removal.
  • Grippping teeth for added traction
  • Works on Copic, Sketch, Ciao, and Wide markers

If you are removing the nib to refill the ink, these special tweezers will prevent damage from occurring to the nib and ink from getting on your fingers. Gently grab the nib and pull. Once you re-insert the nib it may take a minute for ink to flow. Ideal for removing broken brush nibs.


Manufacturer: Copic