Zig Brush2o Long Watercolor Brushes

Use this comprehensive set of water brushes to create your watercolor artwork. Water brushes are innovative painting tools that are portable, convenient, and easy to use! Simply fill the water brush with water, squeeze to moisten the tip, and squeeze to dispense more water as you paint. This reservoir fill system can eliminate the need for a free-standing cup of water, which can be a hassle when painting on the go.

  • Water brushes are great for blending watercolor paints to create smooth gradients.
  • They can be used with different paint media, such as the Kuretake Watercolor Palettes as well as traditional watercolor paints.
  • They can also be used in rubber stamping, silk painting, and various other art projects. Another handy application is sealing envelopes or applying postage stamps.
Manufacturer: Kuretake