Staedtler Compasses

We carry a wide variety of Staedtler Compasses, here are the options:

  • MS55140WP - Staedtler Mars Comfort 551 Precision Compass Wallet 6" Bow Compass
  • MS551WP00A6 - Staedtler Mars Comfort 551 Precision 6" Bow Compass With Lead Box
  • MS55065 - Staedtler Student 550 Universal Compass Set
  • MS556109 - Staedtler Mars Masterbow Compass Set

We also carry a compass adapter used for accurate mounting of all writing and drawing instruments to a compass, here are the options:

  • PFUNI-10 - Pacific Arc Uni-10 Compass Adapter
  • VNP294 - Alvin Universal Compass Adapter