Stabilo Trio 2 In 1

  • The fibre-tip pen and fineliner for school children aged 6 and over as well as students.
  • Saves space and time: The double-ended pen with writing and coloring tips.
  • A fine tip (0.5 mm) for writing and sketching.
  • A broad tip (2.0 mm) for coloring in.
  • Caps can be stacked on top of each other a€“ so therea€™s no chance of losing them.
  • Each end has an ergonomic triangular grip zone.
  • Washable ink.
  • Available with 2 different imprints: In a Swano wallet of 10 with a a€?Coola€¯ pen imprint. In the classic and well-known STABILO stripes design, available individually or in a wallet of 10.
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