Spectrum Noir 24 Pencil Sets

Spectrum Noir Blendable Colored Pencils are made from professional, artist grade materials and are the perfect coloring medium for beginners to advanced colorists. Rich, vibrant pigments and expertly balanced shades provide superior blending. The velvety cores are protected by handsome matte black casings. Whether you're a beginner, a hobbyist or a professional artist, these premium pencils are ideal for all your creative work, from quick sketches to intricate details. Permanent and waterproof.

Each set of pencils is packed so that there are 3 shades of a color for blending, and each set of colors has been produced with a particular use of coloring style in mind.

The Marine set for example contains a color palette of rich blues and purples to replicate the sea and aquatic feel, while the browns, plum and grays can be used to color coral, the sea bed, whales, dolphin and other lively creatures under the sea.

If you are looking for vibrant, coordinating colors to replicate the delicate and beautiful colors of a blooming flower, you'd want to choose our Floral set. Although some of these colors also work great with the Marine colors to create the unique and colorful array of fish that can be found among the coral reefs off some of world's most exotic beaches.

Each set is intended to be a fantastic addition to your studio on their own, but together create a spectacular rainbow of color.

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