Spectrum Noir Colourblend Pencils

ColourBlend  24pc sets

ColourBlend pencils deliver affordable, premium quality colour for art, craft and design. Each pencil is encased in premium, matte coated, Californian cedar wood and contains a rich, vibrant pigment for a smooth, highly saturated colour laydown with a superior light fastness. The result is a rich, velvety colour laydown with unrivalled blendability. Also can be used alone for traditional sketching and illustration or for adding depth and definition to marker and mixed media work. Simply layer to add depth, or create smooth, seamless transitions by overlaying related tones.

  • Artist’s grade wax-based pigment
  • Rich Vibrant pigment for smooth, highly saturated colour laydown
  • Superior light fastness rated 'Very Good' (50-100 years)
  • Encased in premium, matte coated Californian cedar wood

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Spectrum Noir Accessories and Blending Tools

Spectrum Noir Blending Coloring Tools- Blending Jars

Spectrum Noir Blending Solution is a must for seamless, smooth blending results when working with the Spectrum Noir Blendable Colored Pencils.

This product is intended for use with the available Paper Stumps:
Simply pour a small amount of the blending fluid into the lid
Dip one end of an appropriately sized paper stump for the area you wish to blend into the blending fluid. Dab any excess fluid onto a paper towel or other disposable cloth.
Using a circular motion, blend the line between two pencil colors together for a smooth and seamless result.
As your paper stump gets dull, or you wish to use it with other colors - use the available sander, to sand the end of the stump back to a point.

Available in this economical 4oz bottle - Heat sealed bottle to prevent evaporation or leakage in transit or before 1st use, push and turn safety cap.

Spectrum Noir Accessories Pencil Blending Kit

  • Spectrum Noir 12 Piece Pencil Blending Kit
  • Works perfectly with Colourblend and Aquablend Pencils

Includes blending stumps, sander, graphite pencils, eraser and sharpener. Complete with branded storage wallet.

This kit includes:

1 x Twin Pencil Sharpener
1 x Rubber
6 x Paper Stumps
1 x Sander
2 x Graphite Pencils

Spectrum Noir Accessories Pencil Blending Stumps

  • High quality accessories to use with the Spectrum Noir range of pencils
  • Includes 6 sizes of Paper Stumps
  • To be used with the Spectrum Noir Professional Colouring Pencil Blending Solution

Create depth and add shading to coloured images using these Paper Stumps with your Spectrum Noir Blendable Pencils and Pencil Blending Solution. They can be sanded after use to create a clean blending surface. The pack includes 6 sizes so you will always have the perfect option for your projects.

Age 14+

Spectrum Noir Blending Coloring Tools- Blending Jars

  • 2 Plastic jars - size 2 1/5" x 1 3/8" each
  • Each jar includes a sponge
  • These plastic jars are perfect to used with Gamsol Blending Solution.

CCSPECCB-ESS24 Spectrum Colourblend Pencils Essentials 24pc Color Chart

White Linen Eggshell Cream
Peach Canary Pumpkin Nectarine
Vivid Pink Pink Violet Mulberry Jade
Pstachio Sage Vintage Blue Prussian Blue
Twilight Blue Saddle Brown Cinnamon Russet
Smoke Pewter Taupe Black

CCSPECCB-FLO24 Spectrum Colourblend Pencils Florals 24pc

Buttercup Vanilla Rose Peach Daffodil
Bumblebee Daisy Honey Tangerine
Poppy Rose Red Cherry Red Geranium
Fuchsia Cranberry Fireweed Carnation
Peony Boysenberry Ginger Cider
Redcurrent Grape Saffron Petal

CCSPECCB-NAT24 Spectrum Colourblend Pencils Naturals 24pc

Snow Lemongrass Clementine Citrus
Avocado Grass Shamrock Amazon Green
Peacock Green Forest Green Virdian Alpine
Pear Green Fern Green Holly Duck Egg
Lake Blue Yellow Ochre Copper Paprika
Walnut Bark Earth Stone

CCSPECCB-PRI24 Spectrum Colourblend Pencils Primaries 24pc

Lunar Yellow Lemon Mustard Flame Red
Carmine Antique Rose Raspberry Pink Blush
Sorbet Emerald Ivy Seafoam
Denim Blue Royal Blue Petrol Blue Mauve
Velvet Blackberry Maize Maple
Maroon Auburn Expresso Cedarwood

CCSPECCB-SHA24 Spectrum Colourblend Pencils Shade & Tone 24pc

Night Sky Verdigris Reef Blue Harbour Blue
Atlantic Blue Periwinkle Admiral Blue Violet Pearl
Anemone Sea Urchin Deep Purple Sangria
Coffee Bean Spice Brown Driftwood Havana
Passion Fruit Oyster Coconut Timberwood
Seal Grey Pebble Storm Cloud Rock Pool