Pentel Erasers and Refills

Pentel Erasers

Pentl Hi-Polymer

Pentel Hi-Polymer erasers erase cleanly without scratching or tearing paper. They are Non-abrasive and will not crack or harden with age. The erasers will remain soft and ready to use. The block shape allows for erasing large areas quickly or getting in to corners with accuracy.

Moo Eraser

Don't let silly mistakes get you down - fix them right away with Moo Professional Artist Erasers! Featuring soft and dense compositions, these erasers will clean the surface of your paper while minimizing residual graphite shadows and streaks. Rest assured knowing your paper will remain intact and tear-free. Erase away your worries!

Pentel Refill Erasers

Pentel Refill Erasers allow you swap out old and warn down erasers on the go. They come in various sizes to match some of the many mechanical pencils that Pentel has to offer.

Pentel Eraser Caps

High-quality, white eraser cap is specially designed to lift lead markings off paper with very light pressure. Simply slip over your pencil's worn-down eraser to keep this latex-free eraser handy. Hi-polymer eraser material erases cleanly without scratching or tearing paper surface, and leaves no dust. Nonabrasive block eraser will not crack or harden with age and remains soft and ready to use. White cap-eraser style fits most mechanical and all standard pencils.