Stabilo Pen 68 Mini

A compact version of Pen 68 Markers, these mini markers feature the same quality, odorless, water-based, vibrant inks that will not bleed or dissolve toner or permanent maker ink. The sturdy, 1mm bullet fiber tips are great for designing, layout detail, sketching and more. These long lasting pens can be left un-capped for up to 24 hours without drying out. The Pen 68 Mini Markers Pac Set features 18 mini pens in a cute and convenient plastic dispenser case that is perfect for on-the-go writing, drawing and sketching. It includes yellow, orange, red, crimson, pink, lilac, light lilac, violet, blue, ultramarine, turquoise, azure, ice-green, pine green, green, leaf green, apple green and black.

    • The premium fibre-tip pen for kids, school children and students, for whom quality and fun go hand in hand.
      The mini with all the quality benefits of the big original version.
      Color-intensive premium fibre-tip pen for strong lines and large areas.
      High brilliance and luminosity.
      Robust M-tip (line width approx. 1 mm) for even ink application.
      Odourless, water-based ink.
      Ventilated cap.
      Cap-off time of up to 24 hours.