Montana Black Markers

Montana Black Marker 10mm

The new Montana BLACK alcohol based 10mm Chisel tip marker has 9 permanent and UV resistant dye ink colors. The Montana BLACK alcohol based dye ink is a low-viscosity ink. Each marker is filled with 20ml of dye ink and the range includes the super marking color, "STRONG BLACK". The ink is delivered through the marker's felt tip by a refi llable pump system valve and can be applied to almost all surfaces. All markers in the Montana BLACK DYE INK Marker range are fully refillable and the tips are also replaceable. It is also available in an 8mm Round tip, and a 15mm Standard tip .


Montana Empty Black Markers

The new Montana EMPTY Markers come with new straight shapes and special optimized valve systems. The Markers are suitable for all Montana inks and their special pump system (except Crusher) allows for optimum flow control. The tips are replaceable. Highest quality manufacturing. Available as 8mm/ 2mm round, 10mm/ 3mm chisel, 15mm standard and 10mm crusher.