Pentel Aquash Water & Pigment Filled Brush

Aquash Water Brush Pens from Pentel are the ideal accessory for any artist who paints on the go! These innovative pens feature a soft, easy-to-squeeze translucent plastic barrel with a soft white nylon pointed round brush tip in 3 sizes, perfect for filling with water and using directly with pan watercolors, water soluble colored pencils, soft pastel washes and more! Simply slip a couple into your sketch bag and it's a breeze to paint anywhere. Avoid spills and messes a€” sketch and paint away on the bus, in the field, at a coffee shop a€” all with new Pentel Aquash Water Brush Pens!

Use with watercolor crayons such as Aquash Crayons, markers and pencils to spread and smooth color.

  • Durable nylon brush combined with a refillable water container to create broad strokes or fine lines.
  • Flexible plastic construction of the water container allows squeezing to give the user control over water flow.
  • The unique flattened barrel prevents the brush from rolling off your work surface.
  • Great for solid colors or powdered pigment, use it with Aquash Watercolor Crayons, markers, and pencils to spread and smooth colors
  • ACMI Certified

Brush Sizes

Pentel Aquash Pigment Ink Filled Brush, Light Black Ink

  • Durable nylon brush tip holds its point
  • Flattened barrel keeps brush from rolling off your work surface
  • Easy-to-squeeze barrel and unique valve system allows you to control the flow of ink


Aquash Water and Pigment Brush Comparisons

Manufacturer: Pentel